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Sports Medicine



This field of medicine combines many disciplines and bodies of knowledge to address the particular demands that sports activities have on the human body.  It is oriented towards understanding and promoting optimal functioning in human activity involving balance, strength, coordination, and endurance. 


OMM can address muscle group tightness (acquired over years, or, the residual of recent injury) to allow less resistance to movement during endurance sports.  It offers additional diagnosis and treatment of asymmetry of the lower extremities and pelvis which--if not addressed-- can contribute to overuse injury of knees, hips, and lower back during prolonged periods of active or dynamic weight-bearing.


Dr. Leifheit has participated in numerous sports during his lifetime and has vivid personal experience with both acute and repetitive / overuse injuries... He presently limits his activities to resistance training (three times a week), cycling (3500+ miles/year), and backpacking.  He can offer insights into the many factors involved in your particular activity (see also: "Special Services--Teaching as a service"), and can connect you to other experienced physicians or therapists who can possibly help you with conditions interfering with your sports activity of choice.

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