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Practice Information:


Visiting this website is a major step to help you determine what action can address your condition, or what can allow you to have a more active (healthier) lifestyle with less interference from pain.  


Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) involves bio-mechanical, neuro-muscular, and orthopedic evaluations to more specifically identify musculo-skeletal conditions that interfere with common activities or contribute to pain. OMM employs various manual treatments, orthotic regimens, and specific stretching postures to address that found on examination in order to reduce dysfunction and promote better / more efficient movement.  


Common conditions that can be evaluated and treated at this office include "joint pain", sports-related injuries, and degenerative disc and joint disease--particularly of weight-bearing joints, the spine, and the pelvis. Consultation usually is motivated on account of pain, though many conditions may be addressed and treated (prevented) well before pain becomes a factor.


Osteopathic Medicine (OM) is a distinct philosophy of medicine that originated in the mid-western United States in the late 1800s.  OM contends that a person's general health is promoted when joints, skeletal framework, and the neuro-muscular system function optimally.  (For more details on OM, see also "General Information: History of Osteopathic Medicine"

Office Hours:


This office is typically open from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Office hours on Monday and Wednesday are variable, depending on time of the year and Dr. Leifheit's teaching commitments.  This office has been located in the California-Alaska Junction in central West Seattle, at 4746 44th Avenue S.W., since 1991.


The office usually remains available by telephone during the lunch hour, closing only for monthly meetings and special circumstances. This office closes at 3 o'clock on most Thursday afternoons.




Initial appointments (new patients) generally take 90 minutes.


Our building has a secure entrance. Entry is gained by pressing the button next to Dr. Leifheit's name to the right of the front door (on 44th Avenue SW). My receptionist will then greet you and unlock the door remotely.


Walk-in visits are discouraged, as these are an imposition on those who have made appointments.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please inform this office as soon as possible so that others may be given the opportunity to be seen in your place. Failure to show for an appointment, or repeated cancellations on the same day of the appointment, may incur a charge.


We will make every effort to honor your appointment time, but ask you to understand that urgent referrals and complex appointments can interrupt this otherwise orderly process.

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